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Release brand new single ‘Too Much Scenery’ taken from new EP ‘From Del Boca Vista’ out next month.

Berlin’s own Späti-rock pioneers, Ponte Pilas are the Scottish/Ecuadorian quartet made up of Calum Bolland, Ismael Rivera, Daniel Rivera and Alejandro Iturralde who come together in salute to the spirit of rock ’n’ roll. This eccentric new single comes from their EP ‘From Del Boca Vista’ (out February 2024) which has already been well-received at their live shows and marks a return to the band’s signature, punchy indie-rock sound. 


A kaleidoscopic scan over the contradictions of the Western world, the song is relentless in musical and topical terms. A cascading barrage of information, like scrolling a doomed TikTok feed, ‘Too Much Scenery’ grabs the listener and drags them on a whirlwind tour of contemporary chaos. Whilst stopping short of offering up solutions, the listener finds solace in the experience of someone else overwhelmed by it all and to highlight these jarring juxtapositions is perhaps to set ourselves on the path to addressing them. The lyrics reflect the daily modern bombardment of  information we are subjected to, a whistle stop tour of the 24h news cycle, and picks out moments of comic extremity. At the same time, this is communicated via a two-minute slice of classic Ponte Pilas indie-rock with a great guitar riff.

After a number of successful previous releases including their debut EP and album including their last single  ‘Working Too Much’ they have gained strong support from international press and radio including Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Visions, and Tonspion and most recently premiering on Wonderland Magazine with over 6,000 streams in its first 2 weeks. They have also gained over 300K streams across the board with a forever growing live fanbase.  The song was written by the band collectively and produced and mixed by Lucas Piedra Cueva, Grammy-winner 2023 with Jorge Drexler and who worked on the full EP.


Release Date: 24.01.2024

Management & Label

Juan Velez           - jay@wearepianolamusic

Single #3 - Too Much Scenery

Release date: 24.01.2024

Disco: Available Here

Cover: Artwork

Press shots: Press Photos

Touring dates:

28.12.2023 - Guayaquil, Ecuador

06.01.2024 - Cuenca, Ecuador

02.02.2024 - Leipzig, Germany

23.02.2024  - Berlin, Germany

Promo Plan:

Online Promo in GSA, UK, USA, Ecuador & Mexico

Radio Promo in GSA, UK, USA, Ecuador & Mexico

Social Media Ads driving traffic from socials to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer.

Ponte Pilas


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