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Berlin’s very own ‘Band Of The People’ Kickstart a revolution on brand new single ‘Working Too Much’ 

On November 17th 2023, ecuadorian-scottish indie-rock quartet “Ponte Pilas” are releasing their anticipated second single off their brand new EP ‘From Del Boca Vista’ (out February 2024) which has already been going well at their live shows and marks an exciting new sound for the band. 


After a number of successful previous releases including their debut EP and album including their last single  ‘In Vino Veritas’ they have gained strong support from international press and radio including Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Visions, and Tonspion and most recently premiering on Wonderland Magazine with over 6,000 streams in its first 2 weeks. They have also gained over 300K streams across the board with a forever growing live fanbase.  


The song was written by the band collectively and produced and mixed by Lucas Piedra Cueva, Grammy winner 2023 with Jorge Drexler and who worked on the full EP. Inspired by the electronic sounds of their home city, Berlin, ‘Working Too Much’ is a Leon Trotsky-inspired assault on the daily slog of wage labour, a rallying cry against an all-to-familiar imbalance in the scales of work and life. Describing a day-to-day characterised by concerns of paying rent and burnout, the chorus is a call to action for workers to take back their power. Why suffer for so little? Can’t we conceive of something better?

Pre-listen here:


Singer Calum Bolland expresses:

This song is a revolutionary shot fired in the air. Describing a day-to-day characterised by concerns of paying rent, burnout and ennui, the chorus is a rallying cry for workers to address a work-life imbalance. Written in Berlin, inspired by its electronic music culture, and recorded in Madrid with Grammy winning producer Lucas Piedra Cueva, the song has been a huge hit with live audiences since its inception.


The most anticipated release of the EP by a band on an exciting trajectory: turn it on, dial up the volume and start drafting an email to your line manager now.

About Ponte Pilas:

Berlin’s own Späti-rock pioneers, Ponte Pilas are a Scottish/Ecuadorian quartet assembled in salute to the spirit of rock ’n’ roll. Their now legendary live shows have built them a fanatical following in their home city and led to
touring opportunities across Europe, from Spain to Sweden via Britain and Bulgaria. This has included dates with the likes of indie legends The Wedding Present, punk upstarts King Nun and The Clockworks as well as some of Europe’s biggest exports including Portugal’s answer to Jack White, The Legendary Tigerman.

Winners of 2019’s Listen to Berlin award for their debut single “Eye for an Eye”, the band proceeded to release an acclaimed debut E.P. and album in the subsequent years whilst their touring schedule was disrupted by the COVID pandemic. 2022 saw the band invited to play The Great Escape  festival in Brighton, around which they played their first UK tour, as well as various showcases (e.g. Future Echoes in Sweden, Spike in Bulgaria) across the continent which garnered them industry praise. They also collaborated with seminal producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spector) on their album and subsequent singles.


Ponte Pilas like to describe themselves as "The Band Of The People", always mingle with the audience before, during and after shows and bring a healthy dose of humour to their performances and philosophy of life. This has found a receptive audience, with the band featuring in Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Visions, Tonspion among many other outlets. Come for their anthemic Britpop choruses and stay for their punk rock freakouts... it will be love at first mosh.

Management & Label

Juan Velez           -

Single #2 - Working Too Much

Part of EP 'From Del Boca Vista'

Release date: 17.11.2023

Air date: 15.11.2023


ISRC: USA2B2319559

UPC: 634457161375

Cover: Artwork

Press shots: Press Photos

Touring dates:

28.12.2023 - Guayaquil, Ecuador

06.01.2024 - Cuenca, Ecuador

02.02.2024 - Leipzig, Germany

23.02.2024  - Berlin, Germany

Promo Plan:

Online Promo in GSA, UK, USA, Ecuador & Mexico

Radio Promo in GSA, UK, USA, Ecuador & Mexico

Social Media Ads driving traffic from socials to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer.


Ponte Pilas
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