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Sophie Sutton

Pop, Berlin

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Sophie Sutton is a British pop-folk artist whom BBC Introducing (James Santer, BBC Radio 2) described as “the best young singer-songwriter” in her home county, Devon, where there’s high competition between artists. She’s been part of many successful collaborations since her move to Berlin in 2017 (Libratone, Marti Fischer, Theo Katzman) and this year wants to release 5 of her songs in the form of a masterfully produced EP. As an esteemed vocalist, writer and guitarist, Sophie wants her skillset to be at the forefront of the performances throughout this EP. Women’s input and inclusion within the music industry is something Sophie feels passionately about, so we’ve therefore decided that all guitar parts will be performed exclusively by her. Each song is a colourful, expressive letter - some songs are cheeky and hopeful, some embittered and vengeful, yet always rich in catchy, soulful melodies laced with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Sophie Sutton has released two singles „Hold of You’ and „Word Wars’ with the help of acclaimed producer and most sought after drummer in Berlin, Gidon Carmel. Sophie has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Gidon, whose album „The Story of Goabi’ had been funded by Initiative Musik in 2020, and she co-wrote and performed the opening song and first single „Wake Up’ on this concept album.


The artist’s 2020 single „Word Wars’ was co-written with Theo Katzman, who is globally celebrated for his musicianship and songwriting in US funk band Vulfpeck and beyond. Theo enlisted Sophie as his support act in Frannz Club, Berlin during his European tour in 2018. „So Much So Little’ is another release from the artist - it’s a live session recorded at Funkhaus by sound company Libratone when she was one of ten artists that would be involved in a commercial campaign of theirs.


Sophie also featured on electronic pop song „Reason Why’ which was written for german web series Krass Klassenfahrt with Jona Selle and The Paperplanes, and over the years she’s written and performed on various songs and videos with german YouTube sensation Marti Fischer (Leider Lustig KiKA, Bongo Boulevard). October 2021 the artist played her first headline concert with her band in Bar Bobu, Friedrichshain. It was completely sold out and gave clear confirmation to there being great public interest in Sophie’s music. 

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