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Indie Rock, Berlin

Self-styled 'späti-rock' pioneers, this Scottish-Ecuadorian quartet have been captivating audiences and picking up awards since their inception in 2017. With an EP and album released in the last two years, they are currently touring and recording.


Ponte Pilas


Sophie Sutton

Pop, Berlin

Berlin's own alt-pop princess,with witty lyrics and melodies that will have you humming for days. With a new album in the pipeline, there is a lot of hype around Sutton in 2023 and going forward as she tours the UK and Germany this year.

Lady Bird Lad1.jpg

Lady Bird Lad

Folk / Pop, Berlin

The solo project of Harry Hudson Taylor, Lady Bird Lad is a fresh new artistic voice for the extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. With experience playing with the likes of Hozier and The Rolling Stones, this new venture is highly anticipated.

Press photo1.jpeg

James Michael Rodgers

Folk / Blues, Berlin

A fixture of the Berlin folk scene for years, James Michael Rodgers has built up a dedicated following through his artful storytelling, exceptional voice and his vulnerable, raw stage presence. His debut album will be released this year.


Hijos de la Psicodelia

Lo-fi Alternative Rock, Madrid

A mercurial, prolific talent, Hijos de la Psicodelia is the solo project of Los Telepaticos singer and guitarist Matthias Salgado. With a lo-fi, home recorded aesthetic, songs cover topic from wishing to be an octopus to train trips with Dee Dee Ramone.

20191016 The Romantidote - elinejduijsens-135.jpg

The Romantidote

Indie / Alternative, Berlin

Putting the art in cathartic, The Romantidote is a multi-faceted artistic project with musical roots in the Scottish folk tradition and the DNA of comedy of performers such as Andy Kaufman and Stewart Lee. The 'Dote' is releasing music and writing a TV show.


Max Ruano

Pop/  Rock, Madrid

A charismatic connoisseur of "austere" indie-pop, Ruano dives deep into treatie on the human condition in his ayered songwriting whilst crafting delighful and memorable melodies. A seasoned performer in and out of Los Telepaticos, his solo work is a rich vein.

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