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Hijos de la Psicodelia

Lo-fi Alternative Rock, Madrid

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Mathias Salgado, besides writing and playing in Los Telepáticos, maintains in parallel his solo project under the name of Hijos de la Psicodelia. With the DIY ideology as the protagonist, Mathias composes, performs, records, mixes and produces all the songs at his home in Madrid. These homemade experiments result in a set of delirious (or not so delirious) stories that develop in an atmosphere of psychedelia, among other genres.

"Cobra Filipina" is the title of the latest album released in 2021. A set of 13 songs that flirt with psychedelia, rock n roll, ballads and even electronica.

Mathias' home recordings and mixes suggest that the lo-fi texture is neither a surprise nor a coincidence. The result of these combinations of themes and textures inevitably leaves us with a nice group of songs with personality for the delight of the audience.

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