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Lady Bird Lad

Folk / Blues, Berlin / Glasgow

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Lady Bird Lad is the musical project of Harry Hudson-Taylor who is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Berlin. Harry has played as one half of the band Hudson Taylor with his brother Alfie since 2010. Lady Bird Lad is his first foray into working his own music. Ladybirds have always held deep meaning for Harry since childhood and into adulthood. 

Fun fact: the Irish for Ladybird is Bóín Dé (pronounced Bo-ween Jay) and it means God's little cow. Lady Bird Lad's music will be released through Little Cow Records. 


Music varies between dark folk/pop, singer-songwriter folk, psychedelic and indie rock. 
Celtic infused imagery, references to ancient symbolism and spirituality, contemplative, playful, heart-opening. Rootsy. Urban Pagan. Androgyny. 

The overall vision for this project is delivering authentic, heart-centred art and to have as much fun as possible a long the way with it. Honesty and Vulnerability are to be at the core of this project. Attempting to be a reflection point forthat are playful, self aware and human. Being a part of awakening more humans from our various forms of slumber that we can all live under sometimes. Spread Love and kindness. Attempt to extend beyond and through the screens we live behind both physically and metaphorically.  Lady Bird Lad will jump from being totally serious at times to taking the piss out of himself entirely - and so he should.  Open about addiction recovery, Mental Health, Self-Acceptance work, Therapy & Spirituality. 

Paul Simon, Villagers, Jack White, Elbow(Guy Garvey), George Harrison

Live Shows:
Live shows will vary between being presented Solo and then also having other musicians/collaborators joining.

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