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Ponte Pilas

Indie Rock, Berlin

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An unlikely, ragtag bunch of lads that collided in Berlin in 2017 and ended up living together in a two bedroom apartment, the story of Ponte Pilas’ origins is worthy of a far lengthier tome than this. What drew together and bonded the Scottish-Ecuadorian quartet in short, though, was a love of good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll. Drawing upon shared influences such as Iggy Pop, the Rolling Stones and Blondie, the four set out to resuscitate the moribund state of the guitar-led, anthemic rock music that they were raised on. A band of brothers, Ponte Pilas channel the frantic pursuit of this goal into the raucous, chaotic and passionate music they make. It is this commitment that has taken them to stages such as the acclaimed Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Having hustled for years, playing every gig that came their way, the band garnered some attention in Berlin for
their incredible live energy and unmissable shows. Support tours with the likes of indie legends The Wedding
Present, British upstarts King Nun and The Clockworks, as well as Portugal’s answer to Jack White, The Legendary Tigerman followed. They played headline shows throughout Germany and Europe in this time, and were awarded the prestigious “listen to berlin” award for their single “Eye for an Eye”. The track “Tinderbox” also became something of an anthem for the Fridays For Future movement, with whom the band collaborated on for a video as passionate supporters of FFF’s work.

2022 saw the release of their debut album, ‘Old Enough To Know Better’. Produced and mixed by Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes’ seminal first two albums, he eclectically mixes Ponte Pilas’ fun-filled guitar playing, melodies and songwriting together so crisply in what is a highly intoxicating offering. The record is comprised of 11 songs full of empathy, homage, brutality and honesty, all charged with their signature rock ’n’ roll sound. The album received praise from a number of esteemed outlets, such as Clash Magazine, Earmilk and Visions Magazine. The band will begin 2023 doing what they do best: hitting the road and playing shows from Sweden to Spain as well as headline gigs throughout Germany. A new E.P. is also in the pipeline with Grammy-award-winning Lucas Piedra Cueva, scheduled for release later in the year.

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