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Acid Flashback #4 - 23.04.2021

With influences from The Sex Pistols to Oasis, Berlin-based Ponte Pilas brings to the fore what rock ‘n’ roll is really all about: unhealthy amounts fun. The Scottish-Ecuadorian quartet place sharp-edged riffs next to irresistible melodies to make their songs highly infectious. This is true of new single “Acid Flashback #4”, a song inspired by the experience and aftermath of psychedelic-fuelled cosmological journeys of self-discovery.


“The song is a brief but wild lyrical journey through the profane and the profound. The images wash over the listener with an intensity and velocity familiar to those who have imbibed what Terence McKenna would call ‘the Sacraments’. The energy and power of the song borders on the overwhelming, leaving the listener dragged along for the ride in a transcendental state.”


The punchy riff showcases the band’s punk edge, with echoes of the Sex Pistols and the White Stripes, with an unhinged, fuzzy lead guitar line juxtaposing the melodic dive into the chorus. A breathless singalong, the chorus distills the energy of the song into a hedonistic rallying cry. The chaotic journey is brought to a sudden disjointed halt, demanding an immediate replay.


Inspired by early psychedelic pioneers such as Ken Kesey, with his legendary ‘Acid Test’, the song seeks to depict a drug experience in all its bizarre, high-octane intensity. The blistering pace of the song and its fragmented and jarring lyrical imagery has made it a fan favourite at live shows, where it often serves as the boiling point for the madness of the crowd.The four members of Ponte Pilas have been recording music together since 2017.


The latest recording was done exclusively with original 60s and 70s equipment at Impression Recordings in Berlin. Together with recording engineer Robbie Moore (Florence & the Machine, Babyshambles), mixing engineer Andy Baldwin (Björk, Oasis, The Who) and mastering engineer Mandy Parnell (Paul McCartney, Depeche Mode), a new single of massive power has been created, generating much excitement.


Berlin-based rock ’n’ roll band Ponte Pilas, namely Scottish frontman Calum Bolland and Ecuadorians Daniel Rivera (drums), Ismael Rivera (lead guitar) and Alejandro Iturralde (bass), formed in February 2017. With catchy guitar riffs, a driving rhythm section and anthemic choruses, the band’s chaotic live shows quickly earned them a reputation as one of Berlin’s most exciting up-and-coming groups.


    Drawing comparisons to Oasis, the Hives and the Stooges, Ponte Pilas’ music shows a keen ear for musical hooks and combines elements of both contemporary and classic rock. Their lyrics are cinematic in scope, with influences such as Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski. These songs are performed live with an intensity and energy that works audiences into a frenzy.


    Having played legendary Berlin venues such as SO36, SAGE Club and selling out a headline show at Musik & Frieden, last year Ponte Pilas toured throughout Germany and Europe. With a very simple philosophy, to make each show as wild and unique as possible, Ponte Pilas make the music that they love. Support tours with The Wedding Present and The Legendary Tigerman followed.


    Awarded the 2019 ‘Listen to Berlin’ Public Prize by the Berlin Music Commission, along with a showcase at the Most Wanted: Music convention, the band are garnering industry acclaim. Having enjoyed a German tour with post-punk starlets King Nun, the band recorded a new E.P. ‘So It Goes…’ with Impression Recordings’ Robbie Moore in June 2020. This will be released, following singles from the record, in early 2021.

Management & Label

Anton Rangardt -

Juan Velez           -


Single #3 - Acid Flashback #4

Part of EP 'So It Goes'


Acid Flashback #4 - Music Video





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