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Basil Panagop

Lo-fi Hip Hop, Berlin / Glasgow

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Born to Greek parents in Halifax, Nova Scotia Basil aka Vasili Demitri Panagopoulos likes to be on the move and currently based in Berlin with stints in London and Glasgow. Growing up with a diverse range of musical influences from Hip-Hop and 80s Pop, to 60s and 70s rock bands. He writes and produces Lo-fi melodic rap with poetic lyrical content and has been praised for his unique blend of genres from Alternative R&B and Hip-Hop to Pop with honest and personal lyrics. In his short career his eclectic mix of music and fashion has garnered him a dedicated following having amassed over 1.8 million streams. He has also been championed by the likes of Ladygunn, Eat this music, and tenement TV among others and performed at several international festivals and showcases including Endless Summer, The Great Western and Future Echoes. 


Co-written by Basil and Feux (aka Max Rawlingson) and co-produced by Basil and collaborator Edmund Berkmann in London, the song is Taken from his debut album 6AM which was inspired during Covid, Plantain is the first of the dreams described in the Foreword. “Failing to Care for Somebody” the song describes the overwhelming power of falling in love with someone from first sight but knowing that you don’t have the capacity to give them what they fully deserve. Not being able to deal with these emotions sometimes one will go through the process of self-destruction, and/or not being able to accept the love and reciprocate. This is typified by the line in the second verse “Ripples in the water from the stone I threw” disturbing the calm waters that the person brings. 


After graduating from Saint Mary's University with a degree in economics, Panagop moved to London to immerse himself in the city's music scene, where he drew inspiration for his debut solo project, "La La Land”. Panagop's creativity and passion for self-expression led him to Glasgow, where he continued to develop his craft and build his collective with the help of Julian Schmidt, Kasper Vidunas, Eric Liddle of Humble Productions, as well as Glasgow-based band Fauves. 


6AM explores the theme of gradual transition from the dream-like state of waking up, to the hustle and bustle of daytime, and then to the calm and stillness of the night. Finally, the album ends with the dawn breaking, signifying the start of a new day. 


With his new project, "6AM," and a clothing line, it's clear that Basil Panagop is an artist to watch in the coming years.

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